Search documents

Search for documents.


Acting Customer Yes
Acting User Yes

HTTP Methods

If a method is not listed, it is not supported for this call

GET Execute search


Parameters optional unless specified

Name Description Required?
user_id ID of user to query as. Yes

Search query. Defaults to parsing natural language query. For more advanced queries, can include exact phrases surrounded by double-quotes ('"') and can precede required terms/phrases by a plus ('+') sign.

For expert level queries, can specify an exact query in Lucene query syntax and include the literal_context parameter.


Comma-delimited list of field identifiers to limit query to specific fields. Valid values:

network source network
networkId ID on source network
type document type
ownerNetworkId network ID on source network of person who authored document
body document body text
field_<name> Filter the query for a specific value for a specific field. Fields are as specified for the fields parameter above.
include_network_data 'true' to have the raw network data for the document included in the response
literal_syntax 'true' to pass an exact Lucene-compatible query to be interpreted literally.
num Number of results to return.
page Page of results to return (1-based).
detailed_results 'true' to return detailed document objects, rather than the default compact ones.


Search Results object.