User Object

Field Description Type Required?
id Unique ID string Yes
ready Status of whether user's first index is complete and she is ready to query. For more details see users/ready. Valid values: ok or indexing string Yes
status Users's status. Valid values: ok, applied, admitted, revoked, disabled string Yes
role Users's role. Valid values: member, admin string Yes
networks Object mapping network names to the user's network ID on that network for all connected networks:
    <network 1> : <app ID 1>,
    <network 2> : <app ID 2>
object Yes
person Compact person object associated with this user. Will be present as soon as first onboard stage has completed. compact person
name Users's name, denormalized from person record during fetch for convenience. string
email Official system email address for user. If no value is present, clients should prompt for it and update via POST to /users/:USER_ID string
first_login True if this is the first time the user has logged in. boolean
created Date the user first registerd. int Yes