Customer Authentication

The following auth parameters must be included on ALL calls. Customer credentials will be provided by Knodes.

Name Desc Required?
customer_id Unique customer ID, provided by Knodes X
customer_secret Private customer key, provided by Knodes X

Network Authentication

Knodes works by downloading and analyzing data for your users from 3rd-party social networks. In order to enable that, you must register applications on all target networks and provide Knodes with your application credentials. Knodes accepts your credentials as an agent acting on your behalf to operate a component of your application infrastructure, and your credentials will only be used to access data to which you have been granted access and provide that data and insights derived from it to you, our customer.

User Authentication

Knodes represents users as a collection of application credentials associated with a single person. In order to register a user with the Knodes API, you will pass network credentials for one or more networks to the users/connect endpoint. Using the provided user credentials and the network application credentials associated with your customer record, Knodes will independently verify that the user in question has indeed granted you access to your data and make that data available to you via the API.