Query a specific person. To get lists of people, see people/search and the people aspects, such as people/people.

A person represents a real-world person in a user's network. To the best of our ability, Knodes eliminates duplication of identities across networks, so a person object will contain at least one, but often more than one, set of network identifiers (network and network_id). Each user has a single corresponding person object that represents the user herself.


Acting Customer Yes
Acting User Yes

HTTP Methods

If a method is not listed, it is not supported for this call

GET Query a person


Parameters optional unless specified

Name Description Required?
user_id ID of user to query as. Yes
PERSON_ID ID of person. Required unless querying by network and network_id. You can use 'me' for the ID of the person associated with the querying user.
network Network to lookup person by network identity.
network_id Network ID to lookup person by network identity.
include_network_data 'true' to have the raw network data for the person's network identity(ies) included in the response


Person object.