What We Do, and What We Expect of You

The key objective of the Knodes API is user-centered context. Let's unpack that:


This actually has a double meaning:

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    On a practical level, the Knodes API maps the world from the perspective of a single user of your application, by deeply mining the user's first-degree network.

    Before you get all sad that you won't be able to use Knodes to help Joe find out his second-cousin Steve's old college roommate's sister is also a die-hard pog collector, get this: The average social network user has never interacted with 97% of their hundreds, if not thousands, of first-degree connections online.

    Your users have a rich, un-tapped world of information, resources and relationships in their 1st degree backyards, so we started digging there.

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    On a philosophical level, "user centered" is also a prioritization: we obsess about surfacing insights and data that help you create a better experience for your users. The data Knodes unlocks belongs to your users, and it should be used, above all, to make their lives better. If your users' lives are better, your app will be critically and commercially more successful. You can dig into our docs for some exhilarating legalese, but the key points are:

    No ad tech. You can sell ads of course, but you can't use user data provided by Knodes to target them.

    Do right by your users. Where possible, be transparent about everything you are doing with their data and why. If that's not practical, don't do anything that would shock and appall.

  • Happy, better served users are typically better customers, so we can all win.


The primary objective of the Knodes API is to provide you with deep, rich context about your users' worlds so that you can give them a better experience in your application. We cut through the tangle of different network accounts and morass of data and turn that into a detailed map of your users' world.

Key Features
  • Normalized contacts – We turn accounts in to people, so your user can see all the people she knows across all networks.

  • Rich connections – Knodes maps the connections among the people, places, schools, companies, and topics in your user's world. It's not just who's connected to what, but how.

  • Fast, powerful search – Search across all your user's networks for content and the people who care about it.